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        2016ASLA获奖作品—The Metro-Forest Project

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        Located at the Eastern fringes of Bangkok in the suburban district of Prawet, approximately 6 kilometers from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, lies The Metro-Forest Project. An ecological regeneration project designed as an outdoor exhibition space to cultivate environmental awareness and educate visitors about local forest ecology. The project, on an abandoned site, aimed to reclaim 2-hectares (4.75 acre) of valuable land and reverse the trends of suburban sprawl, urban heat island, and flood-prone developments through the incorporation of historically local (native and introduced) lowland tropical tree species.

        The 2-heclare project site is situated on an abandoned site along Sukaphiiban Road in the Eastern suburban fringes of Bangkok.

        The PTT Urban Reforestation Exhibition Center in the wilderness of the successional forest.

        A timeframe of the project shows the gradual transformation over an approximate 3-year period.

        Rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge is a primary feature resulting from the extensive earthwork and integration of the landscape with the exhibition center.

        Successional growth of the saplings developing into a multi-layered canopy of Lowland Dipterocarp Forest through monitoring and predictive-modeling.

        Visitors exiting the observation tower trek across the steps, path, and bridge made of reused railroad ties.

        Natural Meadows atop the Rammed-Earth Exhibition Center.

        Hopea pdprata Roxb. + Acrostichum aureum L. line the entryway into the Exhibition site + Center.

        An outdoor theater lawn for multi-purposes uses + events adjacent to the ‘natural’ pond.

        Visitors rising to observe tree foliage and its textures from above the canopy.

        The elevated skywalk offers different observation points and a path that separates visitors from the ground level in order to minimize disturbance of the newly grown forest.

        A growing canopy gradually beginning to screen out the surrounding suburban development.

        Strong geometry of the skywalk cutting across and contrasting amongst the forest canopy and ‘natural’ terrain + elements.

        Sonneratia caseolaria (L.) + Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott thriving along the riparian edges inundated by the brackish waters resulting from the sites swamp/marsh hydrology.

        The ripple zone of the stream opens up the view back towards the observation tower.

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